• Hero2-insect-target-300x300-150dpi
    Enemy at the Gates

    Your Private Pest Security Detail

  • Hero2-insect-target-300x300-150dpi
    Enemy at the Gates

    Your Private Pest Security Detail


Concierge Pest Control at Your Command

Elite Ops is used to providing secure spaces for VIPs. We know the level of security and discretion that’s necessary when dealing with those who are in the public eye. Celebrities, professional athletes, politicians—if you’re a high-profile individual looking to keep your home safe from pests, we’ll provide you with your own private pest security personnel. They will put together an intricate and comprehensive pest security strategy to keep you free from wandering pests…like you wish to be free of the wandering eyes.

Our high-profile clients require a certain level of discretion when it comes to having a pest control vehicle show up at their home. We understand this. That’s why our trucks don’t have any pictures of bugs on them, and our staff are attired in sharp, tactical-looking uniforms that will deter the prying eyes of onlookers seeking to defame you through any petty means…such as the suggestion of uncleanliness on your part.



Pest Management

Regular maintenance is the most effective form of pest prevention. As a high-profile individual, you’re used to the finer things—and Elite Ops can oblige. We put the world class training we received in the armed forces to work through our Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This will be accomplished through your personal Elite Ops HERO who is stationed at your property to execute continual pest management duties based on the custom strategy deployed for your property.

service schedules

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  • Quarterly/seasonal

Level Up Your Pest Control Company

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Our HEROs are ready to serve.


Prominent Politicians

Elite Ops got its start in Washington DC, so we’re well versed in the needs of politicians when it comes to keeping up a clean and tidy appearance in all aspects of their lives. Our Integrated Pest Control is perfect to keep pests at bay as a regular maintenance item, so they’re never a problem in the first place.

Famous Celebrities

We’ve seen the havoc that can be caused by bad publicity. The media will stop at nothing to get the next big scoop to appease the gossip needs of the masses. Our Elite and Discreet services are just what you need to prevent any untoward attention from the wandering eyes of society.

Professional Athletes

Athletes know what it means to excel in a highly competitive, performance-driven industry. We do too. Elite Ops will meet or exceed your highest expectations providing the best in pest prevention and eradication.

DIY Hero

Arm yourself with the right knowledge, and victory is a foregone conclusion. Check out our blog page for vital intel on the enemy and strategies for gaining the upper hand in this never-ending war with pests.

Pest Library

Sun Tzu famously said, “Know thy enemy and know thyself; in a hundred battles, you will never be defeated.” Learn more about the pests in your area and be successful when it’s time to do battle.

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