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    Show Pests Who’s Boss

    We Mean Business

  • Hero3-Beetle-target
    Show Pests Who’s Boss

    We Mean Business


Enemies Behind Your Lines?

One of biggest factors of a successful business is reputation. And sometimes, pests are found sneaking around guerrilla-like, seeking to sabotage all of your hard work. Your Elite Ops HERO is highly skilled at detecting these infiltrators and eradicating them from your place of business so you can keep your garrison orderly and productive.

Nothing wreaks havoc on the reputation of a business quite like a pest infestation, and this is particularly true for food service businesses. We’re always discreet, we dress in a tactical manner, and our trucks don’t have large pictures of bugs on them, making it obvious that an exterminator is present.



Pest Management

Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your business free of pests. Elite Ops incorporates Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in order to accomplish this essential task. This means you will have a dedicated HERO who is stationed at your property for continual pest management duties. This professional will develop a strategy based on your individual needs an employ the right tactics to keep the enemy at bay.

service schedules

  • As Needed
  • Weekly
  • Semi-Monthly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly/seasonal


Food Services

Nowhere is it more crucial for effective pest management than with bars, restaurants, and other food suppliers. These businesses are strictly regulated by the US Department of Health, and your food business could be shut down or the public could be alerted if significant pest activity exists. Either way, this could be a serious blow to your reputation—not to mention your sales. Elite Ops is trained to spot the signs of pest activity and will destroy them or put preventative procedures in place, as needed.

Office Buildings

Every place of business is required to take charge of the pests in their building. Office spaces are no different. You may run a call center, a learning facility, or you own a small business. Whatever the nature of your business, you certainly don’t need an unwanted guest at your important client meeting.

Commercial Warehouses

Warehouses run the gamut when it comes to the nature of your business. It could be a workshop, or it may store valuable goods that need sorted and distributed. With warehouses often being very open or having large doors for receiving shipments, there’s an extra need to be vigilant about securing your facility. Your Elite Ops HERO will scan the perimeter for any weaknesses in your defenses, including structural compromises and the appropriate repair recommendations.

Property Management

Whether you manage a commercial or residential property, procuring reliable pest management is on your list of responsibilities. That’s why you need a strong and capable HERO from Elite Ops to employ the right tactics to keep the enemy well away from your tenants, ensuring the protection and confidence that keeps them signing rent checks each month.

Level Up Your Pest Control Company

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Our HEROs are ready to serve.

DIY Hero

Arm yourself with the right knowledge, and victory is a foregone conclusion. Check out our blog page for vital intel on the enemy and strategies for gaining the upper hand in this never-ending war with pests.

Pest Library

Sun Tzu famously said, “Know thy enemy and know thyself; in a hundred battles, you will never be defeated.” Learn more about the pests in your area and be successful when it’s time to do battle.

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