Tamara Maxwell

Tamara’s role as a PEST CONTROL H.E.R.O is to meet with customers regularly to perform service and build relationships, educate them on pertinent industry trends, and generate dialogue around the customers’ current and future needs in order to ensure customer satisfaction.


Tamara is a people person, so working in a customer service based industry has always been a natural fit for her. She gets a great deal of satisfaction by helping to solve tough problems.


With her experience working in the pest industry for 6 years, Tamara is committed to resolving customers' pest control issues. She’s always up for a new challenge while educating customers on different kinds of pests.


Tamara’s free time is spent enjoying her family, playing football, and working out. Tamara grew up in Prince George’s County, Maryland. After graduating from high school, she attended Howard Community College and transferred to Frostburg University, where she played basketball. Her love for sports is what motivates her to stay active.


Elite Ops has allowed her to challenge herself mentally and physically with morning workouts as a team, team meetings where you learn something new, and hands-on training. Tamara believes that working for "Elite Ops has been a great experience and I am looking forward to what the future may hold for me here.


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