Sidney Smith, JD

“A greedy man is always hungry…I’m hungry to exterminate pests.”

— Personal quote

Sidney’s role involves developing business relationships with individuals, corporations, and organizations in need of one-time or ongoing pest control service - including, but not limited to, homes and businesses.


In addition to developing new business relationships, he is a Certified Applicator and provides professional pest control services for customers. He manages these relationships during the development, service, and post-service stages.


Sidney is committed to resolving customers’ pest control needs. One example is the time he resolved a rat issue for a condominium board that had rats in their building. During his ongoing extermination treatments and further investigation, he discovered that the rat issue had been going on much longer and involved many more rats than the board was aware of. He collaborated with the condo board, property manager, on-sight management staff, and contractors to resolve. It took some time, coordination, and effective communication - but after exterminating close to 300 rats in the ceiling and walls of the building, he successfully eliminated the rat activity.


What gets Sidney up every morning is the chance to go out into the community and set himself and Elite Ops Exterminators apart by presenting a high energy, intelligent, and capable person who delivers results, time and time again.


The Elite Ops lifestyle of intelligence, fitness, excellence, integrity, and service extends to Sidney’s personal life, where he enjoys spending time with family and friends in an active and engaging level. As a child of parents who worked for USAID, he was raised in two continents, three countries, and five cities. As an adult he lived in an additional five cities here in the US. He enjoys experiencing national and international travel with the people important in his life—enjoying wonderful people, sites, food, music, dance, and history. Sidney enjoys sharing great conversations and storytelling with old and new friends. So, if you meet a tall, smiling guy, who is a bit chatty and inspires confidence, please say “Hello!” There is a good chance that person is Sidney.

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