Natalia Vlasov

In her evolving role as the Operations Manager of Elite Ops Exterminators, Natalia is responsible for the general oversight of daily activities to ensure the efficiency of organizational processes. She is a strategic and results-driven leader with over 15 years of expertise in providing operational management, organizational improvement, training, strategic planning, and project management for diverse private and non-profit organizations.


Natalia is a Russian transplant who came to the United States in her early 20s and quickly adapted to become the strong and courageous woman that she is today. Natalia is passionate about the work she does and will not hesitate to take on new challenges and opportunities, pushing through any fear or discomfort that may come up along the way. A few of her career highlights include serving on a project management team for the intelligent transportation systems self-driving vehicle technology and her work as a firearms instructor helping her students become better shooters.


Even though Natalia is new to the pest control industry, she feels honored to be a part of the Elite Ops Exterminators team and work alongside mission-driven H.E.R.Os. in an effort to provide exceptional service to our existing and prospective customers.


As a result of her personal development journey in the past few years (which is how she met DJ), Natalia discovered that the purpose of her life is to be an awakened soul committed to a lifetime of growth and contribution on the highest level!!!


Natalia is passionate about health and nutrition, running and recreational shooting, hiking and being out in nature, exploring new destinations, and volunteering with her home church, Honor Flight DCA, Semper K9 Assistance Dogs, and Marine Toys for Tots. Her core values are authenticity, balance, empathy, and intelligence. Ask her about any of them sometime.


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